Is the greatest gift life has taught me. 

Also the toughest one. 

Behind forgiveness lies so many layers of emotions. 

You have to be able to separate the responsibilities of the pain and hurt. You have to know what part belongs to you and to the other person. Freeing yourself from the illusion and to look at the situation with realistic eyes, might be the toughest part. 

To dig deeper into your own patterns of behavior, analyze them, take responsibility, hold yourself accountable for your suffering and letting go of the ego, it hurts and takes time and courage. 

Forgiveness is not necessarily ment for the other person to feel beter, but most of all for yourself. Before you can let go and create space and room for maybe more heathy patterns, you have to forgive. And.. you have to forgive yourself, even if you find yourself repeating certain behavior over and over again. 

Forgiveness is such a relieve and sets you free. 

Easy? No way, but absolutely worth everything. The greatest gift.