We need to build bridges based on our diversity and compassion and use our differences and experiences to reconnect with each other. To make us stronger. As human beings. To prevent that we disappear, turn against each other and let our egos and fears take over.
We need to let go of fear and hate and to appreciate our differences. Two of the same will not hold, it takes difference to be strong. 

Once a priest said in a speech, that the color black is a culmination of all colors. Without all colors, there would be no black. 
With out the color white, there would be no light and brightness in the colors, no differences. 
We need all the colors, all the differences beween us, beween the black and white, to build bridges. Bridges of compassion, courage and differences to reconnect and make us stronger. As a human being. 
We are not ment to live alone or isolated from each other. We are ment to live together, in groups. 
I know, it is not easy,  probably the hardest thing to do; to let go of fear, to trust and have faith. 
Possible? Yes, absolutely. I strongly believe it is. 

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